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On the market status of automobile sealing industry

Announcer:    Time:2015-10-31

According to the statistics of the automobile related industry branch of China automobile industry association, in 2014, the market size of automobile seal industry in China is about 128.8 yi billion yuan, sealing oil is about 12.00 yi meters, and the sales concentration of 30 major manufacturers are about 95 %.


The local automobile seal industry develops fast under the drive of independent brand automobile. According to statistics, at present, local automobile parts suppliers have taken advantage in more than ten automotive fields, such as automobile hub, glass, battery, drum brake, cylinder body, filter, water pump, radiator, flywheel, connecting rod, horn. In the past five years, through unremitting efforts, local auto parts suppliers have occupied a place in the traditional advantages of automobile seals, AC generator, clutch, wiper system, and is expected to form a balanced competition with foreign brands.


According to the statistics of the automobile related industry branch of China automobile industry association, the domestic manufacturers of domestic automobile seal manufacturers in 2014 produced about 500 million meter automobile seal, accounting for about 42 % of the national total; The sales revenue reached 4.2 billion yuan, accounting for more than 32 % of the total sales revenue. Among them auto parts co., ltd., new pusey and Jones group co., ltd., Zhejiang xiantong rubber plastic co., ltd., and other leading enterprises in statistics all enter the top ten sales revenue.


The technical development and production process level of sealing strip are increasing.


In the technical development, because of the complex assembly relationship of automobile seal, compression deformation occurs in the use process, the structure of the sealing is difficult to predict before the test, the cost of new product is often high. Cad / CAE / cat computer aided technology is widely used in the industry, in the beginning of product design, the technology can assist engineers to defect analysis and quality improvement to adapt to the complexity of sealing material, the particularity of structure, contact load and boundary nonlinearity, improve prediction ability and reduce development cost.


In the production of production, early automobile seal production with artificial compression molding, the process is relatively simple, the production of a single seal. With the improvement of automobile seal quality and production efficiency, the production technology of sealing strip is improving, computer control extrusion molding or injection mold technology, compound extrusion, variable diameter extrusion, microwave vulcanization, surface spray technology are applied to the production of sealing strip. The application of new technology improves the production efficiency of sealing strip, and improves the quality and process stability of the product. If the variable diameter extrusion technology can change the size and shape of the cross-section of the seal extrusion, make the seal can more closely gluing body, sealing effect is better.